At some point, in most lives, arises the strong desire to “burn a bridge.” Fortunately, this urge is usually quelled with contemplation of long term ramifications of such arsonist thinking. Consider that, pretty much every incident of creating permanent separation, at some point, such action will require a justifiable explanation; one which may not exist. Consider how one responds to the situationally valid question: “Why did you light that match?”  Regardless of the self-indulgent, smug gratification of permanently voiding a relationship, let it remain as a symbol of confidence that grudges are most wisely overcome and not expedited.

Regrets….have none, create none.

P.S.: Bridges are improved when left as structures that allow people from different walks of life to meet and gather more easily.  Exchanges of different perspectives, face-to-face, is better than trying to make a point by screaming across a wide, flowing river. A bridge that does not exist, cannot be crossed.