Not much can be said or written in general about dog’s; it has already been told many times with varying levels of eloquence or humor. I have owned or lived with dogs almost all my life. I currently tend to three rescues, or, I should say, they tend to me. There are no bad healthy dogs. Any misgiving a dog may possess is a result of non-attentive parenting,  neglect or, at worse, abuse.

Keep in  mind that all dogs are not cute, non-judgmental, happy all the time, loyal and impervious to any negative character trait. Not true. Dogs can pout, rebel, get pissed off, show deference, pain and the level of the like they have for things.  Just like humans sharing the same air. They just happen to be better at focusing on the positive things they have first and foremost.  Dogs default position is to love unconditionally, Many peoples’ initial instinct is to be cautious, gauging and judgmental.  It takes a while to get to the unconditional love part and in far fewer numbers than dogs. Dogs can just skip the first few steps when in most environments. Dogs also have an uncanny sense of what to do.  Everyone who knows what YouTube is has seen video evidence of dogs instinctively helping people, other dogs or even other creatures.

People sometimes use “dog” as a negative human condition.  “he or she dogged it,” or “what a dog” is meant as a negative comment.  Call me a dog and you will make my day. I love dogs!