Mary Bleeker, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), has been an Internet Nostradamus for a score of years helping to produce an annual report for the direction of the www. KPCB has been a highly successful Venture Capital firm that relies on information about ongoing and future trends for their proven success from the likes of Mary and her team. In the previous decade, she knew of and touted fledgling technology companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Groupon, Docusign and Spotify to name a few. In a previous life, she applied her insights for Morgan Stanley on the prospects of Google, Microsoft, Amazon and most other current Giants of industry while many were throwing money at every new dotcom that came along . Suffice to say, Mary is an Internet prediction guru extraordinaire.While stuff like this used to be the investment Communities “Skunkworks” memoranda with “Eyes Only” classification discussed, cloak and dagger style, in the dark corners of restaurants by Those-in-the-Know, it now is available, instantly, for all the world to see. courtesy of the very medium on which it opines.

This year’s Internet Trends Report gives incredibly valuable insight into what to expect the next decade backed up with facts and figures,  Did you know that Alibaba of China may be twice as a large an entity as Google and Amazon combined in a relatively short time frame? That India and it’s 1.3 billion population will likely grow in a digital sense faster than any other country over the next ten years?

The existing trends of mobile device use, the continuing emergence of e-commerce, streaming and the changing demographics in the KPCB report are fascinating.  Millennials are the new Boomers, and that is not a prediction. Probably the most interesting part is not content or new apps, it is the how information is being sent, viewed and processed by everyone.The way humans operate is changing before our eyes and more rapidly than ever before. This will have an influence on every facet of life, from the way we buy food to an all new work methodology and impact on consumers, business and life as we know it.  Get on board the band wagon or remain at the station, it’s up to you.

2015 Internet Trends Report | Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

A big shout out to Rob Irazzary, a UHA classmate of mine who posted this link on Facebook where I first accessed it and ogled the contents.. While I’m an amateur techno-hobbyist, Rob owes his successes to the brilliant “no one thinks like that” brain of his and mastery of the latest technology. He was the only one of us during college that never stopped trying to answer the question: “Why a Dung Pile?”

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