My Grandfather was a Major in the U.S. Army during WWII. He was stationed with the 5th Army in Northern Africa and Italy from Jan 1943 to Jan 1945. One of his main roles was to write stories about what was going on; a war correspondent. He left these stories, typed on there original tissue paper thin pages. One such stories were about a different kind of shooters active on the front line: combat photographers.

The Army Pictorial Services (APS) were formed under the insistence of General George C. Marshall in 1942 as part of the Army Signal Corps. Both film and still photography was used extensively throughout the war for tactical, historical and propaganda purposes. The plethora of images that remain are a boon to even casual WWII history buffs. My Grandfather wrote a story about the APS photographers following the 5th Army during the Italian Campaign of WWII. See more at the

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