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February 18, 2017

In case were wondering GOAT=Greatest Of All Time

This was a question posted on the Quora Digest platform. It is a subject that is near and dear to me and thought Lon’s answer was one of the most well thought-out and appropriately detailed responses I have seen in just about any forum. I did not edit the content, not even for a few grammar gaffs. 

I could watch Federer play anytime and be awed and entertained by how he makes difficult look effortless yet unique in its perfection. Ken Griffey Jr. swinging a bat or Simone Biles on the exercise floor. Nadal is like watching a strongman bust concrete with his bare hands. Rocky Marciano or Dick Butkus comes to mind. Djoker is Edwin Moses, never knocks down a hurdle or Jack Nicklaus who seemingly never missed a fairway. All three of these players always closes the deal – Feds in particular never ever takes a day off unlike the rare matches when Novak or Rafa don’t pin the effort meter.  

-Mike Hotchkiss on post 2000 elite players

I have included my comment in response because this is my blog, I wanted to, and I can.