While typically posting Sales Career oriented topics, I believe this compilation contains wisdom when dealing with people under any circumstance.

1.      Figure out a better way to do things before you do them, not after

2.      More information is always better

3.      Listen, don’t hear

4.      Be proactive, not reactive

5.      Details matter

6.      The difficulty of the path taken is proportional to the level of success

7.      Never use two words when one will do

8.      Nobody remembers when you’re on time

9.      Small things matter

10.  One action, at one moment, can ruin trust

The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing ~ Socrates

11.  It takes many actions, over time, to gain trust

12.  Never act on something you are not sure about

13.  The two most underutilized phrases are “I don’t know” and “I apologize”

14.  The person speaking is the most important person in the conversation

15.  If you feel the need to rush, don’t

16.  It’s better to be late and right than on time and wrong

17.  Write personal notes. People remember opening an envelope

18.  Be angry only when you are alone

19.  Say hello to everyone, always, and smile doing it

20.  Criticism never works to improve things, ever

21.  Questions are more important than answers