I consider myself staunchly Indeliberative. I support or empathize with many social policies. I’m generally conservative on financial issues, and very much a fan of smaller government and balanced budgets. I believe in guns and more sensible gun control. I am not a member of the NRA nor ever would be. I believe the 1st Amendment is as archaic in interpretation as the 2nd Amendment. I’m pro-choice and pro-freedom. I am an agnostic who respects everyone’s right to practice any religion, provided it does not preach harming others in any way or claiming to be the only true religion. Open and free markets are always better. Illegal immigration is a huge problem that needs to be addressed, but not with a wall. Worst of all is healthcare in America. I’m am vehemently against more government in healthcare (as with most things), but I don’t know the real answer that would work for America because we’re not Canada or some Scandinavian country with 70% income tax. Speaking of 70% Income tax, Socialism has not and will never work. I think our legal system is the cause of most of the major problems in America. I believe there should be consequences for those bringing frivolous lawsuits against others. The only new law I support is to repeal two (or five) laws for every one passed for the foreseeable future. We simply have too many rules. I think our tax code is an abomination. I honestly think we do not need the IRS or Homeland Security. We also don’t need a National Education System – let States do that. I think our culture can be molded, influenced, reared to be more generous than mandating policy to take care of those in need. If we could only have a natural disaster across the country without loss of life and property but with everyone pitching in to help others that need help as if there were a disaster. The best in people should not only emerge when something bad happens. I think everyone should serve America in some way – whether in the military or other civic duty. Religion has no place in any policy or law yet should be a free choice and respected by all. I believe in celebrating culture and diversity; the right to express as much, but not believing everyone is the same. Every citizen should be afforded the same opportunities without terms, exceptions or special treatment. Let’s stop keeping stats on sex, race, or affiliations because it shouldn’t matter. I believe the military should be head and shoulders better trained and equipped by at least a factor of two over any other country. I believe this is doable with half the current spending commitments. I believe we should take care of our own – Veterans, less fortunate, disabled, etc – before we spend a penny on other countries. The UN is antiquated, bloated and a model of inefficiency. America has no place in the UN at this time. It should be retooled to reflect current needs of the global community. I think the American family has been diluted by overachieving parents placing financial gain over paying attention to their own and their community. Let’s help their future by being involved in their development. I think everyone is responsible for themselves. Period. Welfare should be for those in need who demonstrate a willingness to help themselves. The focus of assistance should be on helping recipients become independent. Individual responsibility extends to an obligation to help others. We are too selfish as a nation. We look to find blame rather than seek solutions. I believe in eight-year term limits for members of Congress. I don’t think there should be prison terms for victimless crimes except for so-called white-collar crimes. Let people marry who they want. Let biology determine legally what sex you are. Let people choose if they prefer to identify otherwise. Legalize pot. Let the market be free. Trash the interpretation of discrimination. Some jobs are better suited for males, some for females. Some for younger people, some for older. That’s just the way it is Not every rule is applicable to every situation. Let’s stop pretending it is. Create a system where exceptions based on circumstances is ok. Let’s not exclude anyone yet let people gather in exclusive environments without restriction on those environments. The only preaching being done by the government should be patriotic. As Americans, I believe in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and standing for the National Anthem. There shouldn’t be a punishment for not doing this, but there should be shame and embarrassment for not supporting our country. Protest anything you wish peacefully. Let’s make a society that promotes what they believe and not degrade what others don’t believe. Save and preserve the environment but don’t create crazy regulations to do so. Create more protected spaces. Teach and preach conservation and respect for the environment. You don’t have to believe climate change is caused by carbon emissions to support better energy conversion, but let’s not create other problems by mandating policy for problematic methods like wind farms. Solar, tidal and fusion should be the focus of energy conversion. Technology always wins. Let’s try not to stop it. Look at stem cell research as a classic example. Opponents of this were based on religious tenet. The benefits eventually came to fruition. Cars are going to drive (or fly) themselves. Let’s not be scared of this but support the development of the most advanced technology possible. America should be the leader in global technology and advanced engineering. If the government should add anything to what it does, it should be to promote private sector development of technology. Fix American infrastructure. Find someone in the private sector to spearhead this effort. No politician has a clue how to manage a huge project. Pay an expert a ton of money to figure it out and manage the effort. Establish a way to get the private sector to invest in this as a profit-making venture. It will save billions in the long run and get done half the time and half or less the expense if the government manages this.

As Americans, let’s be proud, patriotic, giving, neighborly, helpful, unbiased and responsible for ourselves, our families and our communities. Let’s stop asking what happened or who did it, but how to fix it and when we will make it better. Let’s pay much closer attention to our children. Let’s embrace being an American. Let’s do less judging and more thinking.

As a writer, I do not believe in long paragraphs. As an American, I think one long paragraph (and one short one) is the perfect way to describe my opinions about the state of this country and some thoughts on what I would do to make it better.

Not taking sides, but this opinion piece in WSJ says a lot IMO.