“What is this?” I asked the Magic Turtle.

“It’s a time bridge,” answered the Turtle.

“What’s a time bridge?”

The Turtle stretched its neck and looked into my eyes:

“It can lead to your past or your future and you will not know which until you reach the other side.”

Puzzled, I asked, “How does the bridge know which to choose?”

“It doesn’t until you cross it,” said the Turtle. “It will take you to the time deemed most suitable.”

I continued, “So, if my past was the best part of life, I will go backwards and if my future if brighter, I will move ahead?”

“That is one way to look at it,” said the Turtle

“And what if I don’t like what happens?”

“Then there is no need to cross.”

I thought about what had happened to me over my life. I had successes and failures. I celebrated milestones and mourned losses. I was able to reflect and think I would be ok going back.

I then thought about what lay ahead.  I wanted to see more and to help others. Not everything would be perfect, but I could be more successful and happier.

Accepting fate, I took the first step onto the bridge and continued to the other side. When I arrived, the Magic Turtle was still there.

“How…why are you still here? Am I in the past or the future?”

The Turtle said, “You are in the present and that is the most suitable.”