In a bit of a departure from the usual esoteric fare, I offer an image blog. As an avid, albeit unaccomplished hack photographer, I had a blast shooting a Jet Ski race this past weekend in Milford, CT.

My brother is actively involved in this close-knit community of motorheads/X-game wannabes and waterhounds. I mention this because, while a competition, I saw how the participants demonstrated a true passion for everything Personal Watercraft (PWC) – more commonly referred to as Jetski – with PWC playing “tissue” to Jetskis’ “Kleenex” status.  There was sharing, helping, joking and, in general, a lot of fraternization amongst the players. Someone needs a 15 mm socket, done. Can I borrow your beach trailer to go gas up my ski? Sure, use my mine. This wasn’t just swiping a cold beer after the race from an unfamiliar cooler, it was a general feel of camaraderie. It was fun culminated by a podium classic of the top tier mushing a cupcake into the silver medalist; naturally caught on a cell phone video and posted to everyone’s amusement on the race organizer’s Facebook page.

Happy Viewing!