I just returned from a twelve-day trip in Italy. The primary purpose for the trip was to do research for my work-in-process book, The Winter Line Stories. This is a project I started two-years ago when I came across the war records of my Grandfather who spent most of his time during WWII following the 5th Army, one of the main Allied Forces tasked with  removing the occupying Nazis from Italy.

A fortunate benefit of this research trip is the stunning beauty of the countryside which was venue of some of the fiercest and most difficult fighting in all of World War II.

My travels took me from Paestum to Anzio with the major battle sites around Cassino and the Liri Valley. These locations featured broad beaches of Terracina and Nettuno, majestic mountains of Central Italy and the gorgeous views along the Amalfi coast. These are the photo’s I share. The experiences were far more indelible.

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The Remains of San Pietro Infine

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